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Safari Sunrise

Bespoke Tours
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The Radical Difference

Come with us on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the vast and diverse East African country of Kenya.

We create unique tours throughout this exotic and beautiful country rich in culture and wildlife tailored to your interests and comfort.

Our escorted small group tours led by a 30 year veteran safari guide, are always a considerable value when compared to other organized African tours -- sharing with you our excellent knowledge of Kenyan people and their culture. 

Our extensive network of professional guides, bush camps, fine hotels, and local experts gives you access to sights and experiences not possible with other tour companies.

The Radical Giraffe closely adheres to the 2002 Cape Town Summit on responsible tourism, making sure our journeys are enhancing local populations, wildlife, and many charitable organizations who help the residents to thrive. 

Concierge level service will guide you through your every need while travelling with us...from assistance in international travel to personal lodging preferences.​​

Some tours include opportunities for deep, guided Mindful Meditation sessions here in the cradle of civilization.

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To be amongst elephants is to witness a loving, matriarchal society .... intelligent, resourceful, kind, patient, playful. 

Donnalee Callahan


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Amboseli National Park

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