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The Radical Giraffe, featuring Bespoke Tours Led by Donnalee 

We believe that everyone should experience the wonder and adventure of travel.

We have undertaken extensive research - comparing other companies to what we offer: a higher standard of accommodation and comfort, more parks/reserves, game viewing, careful consideration of cost, commensurate to the experience - all are part of what we offer to help you create lasting memories and an unrivaled safari experience.

  • Always a considerable value compared to other organized African tours. 

  • Led by a veteran world traveller and safari guide with an excellent knowledge of East African culture, wildlife, history, and the diverse experiences the region offers.

  • Careful consideration of responsible tourism, including opportunities for group and personal donations to worthy African charities.

  • Some tours include opportunities for deep, guided Mindful Meditation here in the cradle of civilization. 

Donnalee at Amboseli Elephant Trust

Donnalee has been leading travellers on African and European adventures for over three decades. An experienced organizer and detail focused guide with a wealth of local and cultural knowledge.

Early in life she travelled extensively with her father, an avid world adventurer and this set the love of differing cultures and landscapes deep.


“I was fortunate to grow up with ‘Born Free’ on the big screen, she says, ‘Wild Kingdom’ on the small screen - Hemingway and Kipling in the library. I relived the adventures of Osa Johnson, Karen Blixen, and Beryl Markham in my vivid imagination.”

“My favorite destination is Kenya.” She continues, “Kenya offers so much - From the heights of Mt. Kenya, (17,057 ft) to the white shores of the Indian Ocean - this is a country rich in biodiversity, tribal diversity, and the great migration. Kenya is an affordable safari destination; the people are warm, and welcoming.”

"Kenya is the home to an abundance of elephants. Some of the fiercest elephant warriors; Daphne Sheldrick, Cynthia Moss, Ian Douglas Hamilton, and Joyce Poole, have called Kenya home. The elephant population in Kenya is around 15,000 - Poaching is down about 80%. There is hope for elephants in Kenya.”


“To be amongst elephants is to witness a loving, matriarchal society, the ultimate in ‘girl power’.... intelligent, resourceful, kind, patient, playful; I’ve never tired of watching elephants splashing in mud holes, or picking the tiny pods off of acacia trees to munch as a special treat.”


While working with the storied Abercrombie and Kent, she honed the intricacies of planning and executing luxury travel experiences for a demanding and seasoned clientele. Her success there led her to pursue her own business interests in leading tours…highlighting her passion for animals, unique ecosystems, history, and the people of East Africa.


The cornerstone of Bespoke Tours Led by Donnalee is always adhering to responsible tourism, maximizing value, and creating unparalleled safari experiences.

After a tour of duty in the US Navy, Michael settled first in Chicago, then Cleveland, San Francisco, Orlando, and brief stints in Manhattan and Los Angeles. He has been an oil field roustabout, a communications teacher, a defense department engineer, a TV News videographer, advertising copywriter, creative director, and principal of The Radical Giraffe, llc.


During his 20+ years in Marketing, PR, and Advertising, Michael developed a passion for clear and strategic thinking and writing, soundly rooted in direct response best practices, sales support and ROI.


Career highlight: developing the Kroger Company “Round-Up for the Hungry” campaign raising over $100 Million in hunger relief funding and netting a coveted Clio® Award for Advertising.


Having worked with prestigious agencies such as McCann-Erickson in San Francisco, Wyse Advertising in Cleveland and BRC Marketing in Dayton, Michael brings successful, strategic client management experience from: Barclay’s • Fair Isaac • Procter & Gamble • Hyatt Hotels • Cricket Communications • Stouffer’s Foods • Teradata • Cintas • American Greetings • Kelly Services • The Kroger Company • Applebee’s Restaurants • San Francisco Opera • Sherwin Williams • Cleveland Foodbank • Starbucks • GE • Sun Microsystems • McGraw-Hill.


After closing his marketing and internet development company, and in search of deeper meaning, Michael now leads Mindful Meditation and will be guiding sessions for fellow travellers during The Radical Giraffe tours.

Michael at Giraffe Manor, Kenya
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